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Post by Jackal on Tue Jan 05, 2016 7:05 pm

*yawns* OK so here i will put what you can buy with SG (more items will be added) you can also sell items but you can only sell what you have. each class has different starting materials and all are worth different prices lets just get to the items:
Basic Sword 50 SG
Basic Staff 50 SG
Basic Wand 50 SG
Basic Dagger 50 SG
Basic Card Pack (contains 2 common and 1 uncommon) 50 SG
Leather Armor (gives +15 def) 70 SG
Leather Shield (gives +5 def) 50 SG
Antidote 20 SG
Herbal Leaf (restores 15 health)15 SG
Mace (gives +30 str) 75 SG
Royal Deck Pack (contains 3 uncommon and 1 rare) 125 SG
Rune Sword (gives +2 int, +1 dex, and +20 str) 100 SG
Diamond Staff (gives +2 dex, +6 luck, and +20 str) 120 SG
Rainbow Wand (gives +8 luck) 100 SG
Wind Dagger  (gives +8 str, +9 luck, and +3 Crit%) 150 SG

That will be it for now, but as people level up i will give more items (you can own your own store but it has to be items you own, so stick to adventuring for now)

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