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DDDA rules

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DDDA rules

Post by Jackal on Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:52 am

Hello and welcome to DDDA now here are the rules
1. Have Fun
2. Respect ALL members and staff
3. Follow staff instructions the first time unless it is out of there job
4. Don't advertise unless an admin says it is ok
5. Don't spam
6. No multiple accounts
7. Don't cheat on duels, threaten someone, and/or force someone to do something  
1.) Bumping back to a topic before 24 hours have passed
2.) Posting stuff that has nothing to do with the topic
3.) Repeated symbols, words, letters, ect.
4.) Logging in and out repeatedly of the chat
5.) using images that are big that are not in a spoiler or URL
(spoller Code: [spiler] (the URL) [/spoiler] and if you want just put [spiler][im](the URL) [/img][/spoiler] ok so it is spelled spoiler and img so dont forget the o or g

1. verbal warning
2. kick from chat
3. 1 hour ban
4. 24 hour ban
5. Week ban
6. IP ban

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