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RP Character (Character Sheet)

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RP Character (Character Sheet)

Post by Jackal on Wed Dec 23, 2015 8:16 pm

Might as well and say it
OK right now only pay attention to this RP with the bars and names and all that. I made This RP as a fun little game and here are the rules
1.Can't be like an unkillable character or an OP character
2. Has to be original not from game,show,anime,manga,short story,and/or another person/animal
3. dont cheat about most things i will post when i do and keep a minimumĀ  of when members can modify their own RP character
4. If you dont want to participate just say so and we will give a few weeks in case you change ur mind
5. no inappropriate stuff and follow forum rules
6. Not many limits so let loose
7. play responsibly (you will get it later)
8. If Natsu or Mard want to change something we will do a vote (members included this is for you guys after all)
9. The possibilities are endless

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